Our Training Workshops are focused on existential experiential based learning and thereby reinstating the zeal for a positive and balanced life experience. Corporate Wellness workshops are customised and designed as per the training needs of the organization.

Art of Holistic Wellbeing


A unique workshop based on balancing our energies and exploring practical tools and techniques for holistic wellbeing through cleansing our mind, body and emotions. Thousands of corporate professionals at the managerial and leadership roles have benefitted from this workshop over the past five years. It is designed to experience mindfulness in our daily activities and help us adopt meditation as a way of life. The training enables a modern day professional to lead a stress-free, energetic and celebrative life irrespective of the outside circumstances.

Mindfulness in Modern Era


To be in the present moment is the ultimate bliss in life. This program helps us connect with our inner core and stay relaxed and centered amongst all the flux in the outside environment. Short Meditation techniques are adopted to reach a zen-like state. Tools and techniques based on sound, visualization, hypnosis and breathing are at the heart of this wellness session. The Workshop is also conducted through the internet for organizations with a diverse workforce and ensure a wider reach to a global audience. Professionals can lower their stress level, increase their attention span and be present “Here and Now”.

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