Our approach focuses on restoring balance in order to maintain overall healthinphysical body and reach a state of emotional wellbeing. All aspects of a person are seen as interrelated - a principle called holism, meaning "state of wholeness." Any disharmony leads to stress and finally translating into sickness on physical body.

Our personal sessions designed on some key principles:

  • The healing power lies within oneself
  • We consider working with the person and not with the patient
  • Discover and try to eliminate the root cause
  • Prevention is the best cure
  • Counselling on lifestyle changes

We undertake personal sessions on varied aspects of life and to reach a state of balance through an integrated approach:

  • Counselling: Parenting, Depression, Student Counselling, Anger Management, Emotional Wellness and other areas of mundane life.
  • Yogic Science:Undertaking a daily yoga regime for a healthy, balanced and vital being
  • Meditation Techniques: Taking a U turn into our own inner world and connect to the source energy. Various active and passive meditation therapies are used as per the need of the induvial to experience the state of witnessing.
  • Alternative Healing Therapies: Our Approach is to treat the root cause of disease and eliminating the same rather than suppressing the symptoms.